Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Using Craigslist to generate leads

What a beautiful day here today! The sun is out and maybe my daughter and I can actually get outside..

Today I want to talk a little about using Free Classified advertising to generate leads to your business. Craigslist is really a great site to get the word out about your business or opportunity. It can be a bit tricky though because if you have a business opportunity or service, you have to be careful what category you choose to post in because often times your ad will be flagged..I tend to post my ads in "employment" although Ameriplan is a business opportunity, simply because many people stay clear of the biz opp page for the simple reason that it's kind of scary, lol..anwyay..

Consider using craigslist and sites like backpage to get your word out about any product or service..there are tons of people on these sites and it's a great FREE way to generate business..

Well...not going to babble too much today because there's lots to accomplish..

Hope everyone has a beautiful and prosperous day! God Bless!

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