Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Team has a commercial! How Exciting!

Yesterday our team launched their first commercial..WHOO HOO!! So Exciting!
So many people are moving up and firing their bosses..

There is literally no other opportunity out there that can compare to Ameriplan and our team and leaders truly care about helping you succeed..

To see the new commercial, go to: and take a look

This is your chance to take charge of your future now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kansas couple married for 67 years die hours apart

I read this article and it really tugged at my heart strings..

Kansas couple married for 67 years die hours apart

TROY, Kan. (AP) -- Residents of a northeast Kansas town are mourning the deaths just hours apart of an elderly couple who were married 67 years. Arnita Yingling died in her sleep early Saturday at the family's home in Troy. She was 93. Six hours later her 95-year-old husband, Lyle, died at a nursing home in the nearby town of Wathena.

At their funeral Wednesday, friends and relatives described the two as inseparable. Some found comfort knowing neither would have to live without the other.

The Yinglings were married in 1941. Both were born on northeast Kansas farms and were active in Troy as members of their church and civic organizations.

I know many of you have read this before but no matter how many times I read something like this, I can't help but to shed a tear..Can you imagine all the memories this couple shared together, all the good times and bad..67 years of a life together..what a blessing and what an inspiration to so many...

My mother-in-law and father in law were married for 66 years and my mother in law passed away this past July father in law is still living but it's so hard for him, you can tell...He is still so strong physically and mentally and i think if it wasn't for him having such a love and closeness to his family, he probably would've passed away by now..

These couples show such a deep level of committment to one another..what a beautiful story

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I don't know what has gotten into my daughter...she is obsessed with clothes and it's just not clothes, her obsession is with SHORT SLEEVES! For the past few months, a day doesn't go by without the same conversation about how she wants to wear short sleeves...she absolutely REFUSES to wear long sleeves..she also wants to change her clothes like 6-10 times a day..she will go as far as put something on her shirt to make it look dirty so I will allow her to change it..

I have no idea what to do..should I allow her to be able to change that many times a day? a friend suggested that I put a time frame on the next time she can change..for ex. tell her that at 2:00 she can change into a different outfit but not until then..

I am very pleased that she is potty trained finally! She will be 3 in May so we accomplished it before her 3rd birthday but I have been told by family members and friends that I am not strict enough with her..I have been told that I should be making her wear what I want her to wear..not letting her therapist tells me that even at her age, she should be allowed to choose what she wants to put on..
I'd love to hear some of you guys' suggestions on this topic?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's TOUGH out there..

The other day I spoke with a woman on the phone whose story broke my heart. She has 4
children and the oldest is 17 and pregnant. She was divorced after 21 years and now living on her own in a small 2 bedroom with all 4 kids and one grandbaby on the way. Although she felt "stuck" there was nothing I could say to help her understand that she's NOT stuck..i know it's hard to see that when everything seems so hopeless but if you continue to think that way than you will only attract more negativity into your life and not only that but you will find yourself in a rut..everyone goes through difficult times but the key is how you respond to those difficulties. Changing your thinking can really change the course of your life but you must start there first. Start with YOU!Start dreaming again and write down what you would like to see change in your life in the months and years to come..don't depend on others to "save you"

Feed your mind with good stuff..find inspiration in books and listen to motivational speakers's YOUR owe it to yourself and your family to change your mindset and then create an action plan..

The Ameriplan Opportunity has allowed me to dream again..this opportunity is great for a person that's a giver..a person who likes to help others...for more information, click here..
We offer Part Time and Full Time and our training is very can also listen to a 24/7 Recorded Career Overview call which goes over the details: 616-712-1450 Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday!

It's Monday..the beginning of the week and the beginning of many things to be accomplished...

This past week we made great strides with my daughter and the potty.She is FINALLY getting it..she's had a few accidents but for the most part, she's doing very well..
Things started to change when I let her wear her big girl underpants all day, not at night though because she sleeps with us. If she had an accident she didn't like the feeling of the wet on YEAH we're on the road to NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!
This opens up so many doors as far as work because once she's totally potty trained, she can go to pre-school maybe once or twice a week..This will allow me to work steadily..Yippee!

It's going to be a GREAT week guys!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Challenges of working at home

There are many challenges a person may face when working from home. Alot of people just don't realize how important it is to be disciplined and many interruptions and distractions come your way that normally do not play a role when working outside the home. However, the advantages are that you are in control of your day and how you want things to go..i find this part of working at home so EMPOWERING!

I've just recently decided to take a step with allowing someone to come into my home to help out a few days a week. This would give me even more of a chance to have a schedule and more opportunity to work. Alot of times I'm struggling to "fit things in" here and there while doing household chores and it's very trying at times.

My best advice to someone looking for a homebusiness or work at home is to create a schedule and try to stick to it. So for ex. laundry from 11am-12pm and from 1:00-
2:00pm Work Time, 2:00-3:00 playtime with the kids..even if you don't stick to it
exact, at least have an outline of your day, it will keep things running much more smoothly.

There are many more challenges that may come your way when working at home but the bottom line is to prioritize..try NOT to spend your entire day working, especially if you have children, because chances are you are defeating the entire purpose for staying home..most people do this because they have children and would like to be there for them. Balance is the key here..For all of you who currently work at home, I'd love to hear your some of your suggestions and opinions on this topic!

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