Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday Everyone!

I'll tell ya, when i used to work outside the home, I HATED Monday's..Now, I love Monday's..

Monday means so many good and exciting things to me now..There are many challenges that I have to face each day but it's all good..

First of all it's the beginning of my "work" week....New Goals and deadlines to meet that I, myself have created..not anyone BUT me...I also have to figure in my work out schedule..if I go over 3 days during the week than I am ecstatic...Working out is very important to keeps me feeling good, releases stress and keeps my weight down..

On Mondays, my daughter and I plan our week too..I love being able to see her grow and I am so looking forward to the warm weather..So happy Spring is here although the temps here in RI do not reflect Spring yet...but hope is on the way..
Speaking of which, I am having a contest on my site:
Win a $25 gift card for the best response to "What I love about Spring!"

Happy Monday Everyone!

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