Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Rich Schemes! Why do people fall for it?

So frustrating..ugh!

On a daily basis I talk with people who fall into this trap! Get Rich Schemes! Why? Because they want to..Because that's what they want to hear..

Face it! They just don't work..

I hung up with a woman the other day who was investing something like $5000 into a business which promises $50,000 per year immediately..If you invested more, the return was higher..When I asked her what she would be doing, she could barely answer the question..all she could see was the end result which was the GUARANTEED $50,000 her first year in business..that was her MAIN focus..not what she would be doing, nor the credibility of the company, just the annual salary..

So, why do people fall for this? They want to..they buy into a dream not reality..

Any real job or business takes work...when I tried to explain the Ameriplan Opportunity and how it was a real business with a low investment and overhead and you can make great money while helping others, she didn't want to hear it..Why? People want everything right now and they buy into the fantasy that you can make this kind of money without doing anything.

These types of people are their own worst enemy and you know what really killed me about this particular woman? She didn't want to hear my advice..she was going to be scammed like so many others and she had no desire to be talked out of it..I did tell her, please don't call me in 3 months to tell me that you've lost your investment because I tried to tell you so..In the back of my mind, I know that she will be one of those people who down the line will say "All online businesses are scams" because of that one experience because that's what these types of people do.

What about the people promising these schemes? I believe in my heart that what goes around comes around and in time, they themselves will face the consequences.

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