Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is a Homebusiness Hopper?

When I say the words "Homebusiness Hopper" what image comes to mind?

Well first of all, everyone knows what a homebusiness is but in definition, what exactly is a "hopper" or more specifically a "homebusiness hopper"

Well, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines a hopper as so:

1 a: one that hops b: a leaping insect; specifically: an immature hopping form of an insect.

Well obviously we're not talking about insects here but real human beings. Human beings who try a business and when the money doesn't start pouring in right away, they then hop on to the next one..If this is you, you need to re-evaluate your hopping skills, lol, just kidding...Actually you need to re-evaluate your "reality".

Homebusinesses take's no different than any other business "outside the home" except it's now "in the home". People have fantasies that a home business brings fortunes without any hard work..It can bring fortunes but not without effort. There's the idea that because it's in the home, it must be easier..WRONG! It's not that it's easier, it's just, in my opinion more flexible and worries about what to wear or enough gas in the tank or the time to work. Those things no longer matter anymore but what does matter is that YOU are now the BOSS which can be very empowering. Quite honestly it can be hard at times because it's so easy NOT to be disciplined because there's no one there to delegate job tasks or keep you in line..

So before you hop onto another online venture or business, remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is but on the other hand, see things for what they are and make decisions based on your goals and what you believe in..If it's something you can't find yourself too passionate about, chances are neither will your customers!

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