Monday, March 2, 2009

Dealing with an Unsupportive Spouse

It's a snowy day here in Rhode Island and as usual I have gotten up very early so I can work on the computer. It's very hard being married to someone who is not very supportive with my business aspirations but I do what I can to keep going.

What do I do to keep going?

Well first off I try to get up early so I can't be pestered and I can concentrate on my daily goals.. Also, when he's not home, I make phone calls and answer emails. He gets very annoyed when he comes home from work or even if he has a day off and I'm on the computer. I suppose because the attention is NOT on him, he gets annoyed.
The other thing I do is I don't talk as much about my business to him as I'd like to..We only argue because I guess he feels I should be making a 6 figure income by now because I've been with the company over 2 1/2 years but keep in mind, I work very part time from home..LOL!! It actually makes me laugh because if I was working outside the home part time, I wouldn't even be making what I make from home and the income outside the home is trading hours for money where my business is RESIDUAL..I keep making it every month whether I work more or less..

For all the women out there who know what I'm feeling, never give up..If you believe in your Product or Service, go for it! Don't let anyone or anything bring you down!


N. said...

Hi Jess. Thanks for following my blog! I don't have a subscribe link, just the basic "Follow Me". I am intrigued why you would want to feature my blog on your site. I don't work from home, really. I do babysit twin girls two days a week and two times a year I work for a city-wide consignment sale called Just Between Friends. Other than that, my job is just taking care of my husband, children and home.

I am sorry to hear that you have a less-than-supportive spouse when it comes to your business aspirations. I am blessed to have an overly-supportive husband. I will pray for you on this issue.

Working out is something I definitely do out of necessity. I have arthritis and it really helps me to feel better. I get up really early in the mornings to do a daily devotional and have some prayer time then jump into my workout. This really helps me to get my day started on the right foot and to get my body and mind ready for my family.

I love meeting new friends on these blogs. In fact, I have met some of who I would now consider my best friends.

Have a great day!

Scott said...

Hi Jess,
Its a shame that you cant even talk about your dreams and goals and desires with your hubby. Perhaps if you were working a business that looked more traditional from your home he would get behind you. You should be making at least decent money after 2 1/2 years so your hubby is a member of the show me the money club. Its not healthy the way you have to tip toe around about your biz so I want to share this with you and I think your hubby would get behind this and its pays 5O% residuals
Good luck and if I can help you let me know.

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