Sunday, May 31, 2009

Illness is interfering with my work

Just this past week I have been suffering with bad abdominal pain to the point where I am keeled's dehabiliting...but the strange thing is it passes after about an hour or two...I am one of those people that can take pain and I never run to the doctor unless I really have to..I started with all the tests needed like abdominal cat scans and ultrasounds but so far haven't heard anything..they are leaning toward my gallbladder being the culprit but waiting for the evidence...

Having a home business is wonderful but this is totally interfering with my work..
leads are piling up and I can't seem to get caught up and it's so frustrating..
I am grateful though that I can take the time I need to get this thing straightened out and I won't lose my business..if I was working outside the home eventually I would probably be fired or let go so I am so thankful that will never happen..

Hopefully this week I will find some answers to what is going on with me so I can get back on the horse...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day

You know, I am very lucky to have the GREATEST parents on earth and a mom that is amazing in so many ways..

From the outside looking in, some people may think my parents have a "weird" dynamic.
My mom is very rough around the edges but with a heart bigger than anyone I have ever known and my dad is quiet and very passive. So you could say that my mom wears the pants in the family..

Growing up she seemed so strict compared to the other kids' parents and I often felt like she was too hard on me. Now that I am older, I appreciate the fact that she worked very hard and tirelessly to keep me on track. I never hung around with the wrong crowd, I always had hobbies and for the most part I never wanted for anything.
We lived in a very small house but my memories of my childhood definetly outscore any memories of my adulthood, that's for sure..

Mothers Day means so much more today than it ever has and being a mom myself I can obviously appreciate and see how tough a job it is.

Both my parents are getting older and in good health but I know many people not fortunate enough to have them around anymore. I treasure the years to come with both my parents and can only hope that I myself will become to be as good if not better a parent then both my parents.

So this mothers day, appreciate your mom. She may not be perfect..She may have made many mistakes but one thing holds true, she's the only mom you've got! So reflect on
the "good" in your mom and let go of any imperfections. I believe that will help
you become a better mom as well. So Happy Mothers Day to all those moms out there and remember that you can always be a better mom.

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