Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Challenges of working at home

There are many challenges a person may face when working from home. Alot of people just don't realize how important it is to be disciplined and many interruptions and distractions come your way that normally do not play a role when working outside the home. However, the advantages are that you are in control of your day and how you want things to go..i find this part of working at home so EMPOWERING!

I've just recently decided to take a step with allowing someone to come into my home to help out a few days a week. This would give me even more of a chance to have a schedule and more opportunity to work. Alot of times I'm struggling to "fit things in" here and there while doing household chores and it's very trying at times.

My best advice to someone looking for a homebusiness or work at home is to create a schedule and try to stick to it. So for ex. laundry from 11am-12pm and from 1:00-
2:00pm Work Time, 2:00-3:00 playtime with the kids..even if you don't stick to it
exact, at least have an outline of your day, it will keep things running much more smoothly.

There are many more challenges that may come your way when working at home but the bottom line is to prioritize..try NOT to spend your entire day working, especially if you have children, because chances are you are defeating the entire purpose for staying home..most people do this because they have children and would like to be there for them. Balance is the key here..For all of you who currently work at home, I'd love to hear your some of your suggestions and opinions on this topic!

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