Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tips to Eliminate Phone Fear

The fear of the phone is a common problem many business people face every day but it is absolutely essential to overcome this if you want to move your business forward. I know firsthandedly how this fear can cripple you and prevent you from conducting your daily operations.

Let’s really think this through logically. A phone does not have the ability to hurt you in any way so it’s obviously not the phone itself you’re afraid of but the person on the other line. So, where are these fears coming from? Many people won't pick up that phone simply because they fear rejection but if you change the way you react to rejection than that's when you will start seeing changes in your business as well as yourself. Here are some tips that have helped me conquer this.

Learn to accept NO and move on. If you can’t accept this you are going to be a very unhappy person in business and you may want to rethink your career. Let’s face it. No one likes the word no but there’s no way around it. Remember that rejection is a normal part of selling. You must not take it personal when someone says no. Focus on the yes’s that you are getting and forget the no's!!Learn to separate the business from the personal and keep on keeping on.

Don’t try to be Perfect. It’s natural to want to give a great presentation but don’t analyze every word you’re going to say or follow a script word for word. Be yourself and be natural. Pretend like you’re talking to an old friend. If you put the focus on the person you’re talking to as opposed to thinking about yourself and what they may be thinking about you, the conversation will go much smoother. You want to address your client’s needs first and then decide whether they can benefit from your company and vice versa. It’s a lot easier to speak naturally when you’re not trying to force an outcome. Have the “how can I help you today” approach and you will see a big difference in your conversations with people as well as an increase in your paycheck.

Practice over and over. Practice will build your self confidence and self confidence is an absolute must when picking up the phone. Even if you have to “fake it til you make it” that will help you learn how to act like a confident person and changing your actions does really change how you feel.

Just do it!
When I was trying to conquer this problem, I would set a goal for that day as to how many prospects I would call. My main goal was to call say 20 prospects that day with the concentration being on making the call. I would pay no attention to the result. I would then make separate piles to show how many prospects I left messages for, how many I gave a full presentation to and how many may have said no. I was surprised to learn that I had much more success than I anticipated. Remember fears are created in your mind and the more you give in to them the more they grow. Also, try not to prejudge anyone. Prejudging is like setting yourself up for the negative.

My last and final point is try to have fun with it. Don’t take the phone so seriously. Pick it up with a smile on your face and great intentions to help someone today. Again, if you focus on the prospect's needs you will feel less pressure and they will feel more comfortable with you. Feed your mind with positive thoughts before you start calling. Your phone call could make a difference in someone's life. If you approach the phone in a friendly manner and with a positive attitude you will notice a big difference in the success of your business.

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